Deadline for applications: 12 Feb 2023. Preferred start date: 13 March 2023.
Based in Bangkok, Thailand for minimum of 1 year. We will conduct interviews on a rolling basis until a suitable candidate is found.


ALTSEAN-Burma (the Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma), a Bangkok-based human rights group, works with a broad range of people from Southeast Asia and beyond, to promote the cause of human rights and democracy in Burma. Our work is centered on 3 thematic priorities:

● Atrocity Prevention

● Business and Human Rights

● Women’s Participation and Leadership

We are a multinational team of 12 full time staff based at our office in Bangkok.


The Editorial and English Support Intern will have a title upgrade to Editorial and English Support Officer upon satisfactory completion of the 3-month probation period. The successful applicant will have a key role in the production of ALTSEAN’s publications, particularly in ensuring written work conforms with our established formats and house style (concise, active voice, simple past tense where possible, reader- friendly for audiences who have English as a 2nd or 3rd language). They will also be required to mentor our team members from Burma in order to strengthen their written English language for our publications.

This position will give the successful applicant the opportunity to contribute directly to the work of activists facing challenging conditions in Burma. It involves a lot of desk research, writing and editing work – which will make one a Burma expert in a short time. This position will suit an individual who is not daunted by high work volume, comfortable working in close collaboration with a team of diverse people, and able to observe the discipline and security protocols of the office, while maintaining a sense of humor.

This role requires a minimum English language ability of C2 (CEFR) or 8 (IELTS) or equivalent. Experience in the Burma movement or other human rights movements will be an advantage.


● Research and write summaries and sections for ALTSEAN’s thematic trackers, CoupWatch reports, briefers, factsheets, and other advocacy tools.

● Edit written outputs by team members to ensure compliance with ALTSEAN formats and house style.

● Track and coordinate work to produce our publications and advocacy tools.

● Train and mentor team members from Burma in order to strengthen their written English for ALTSEAN’s publications.

● Other duties as directed by the Coordinator.


● Minimum duration of 12 months. Tenure and remuneration will be upgraded and extended depending on work performance, team dynamics, and available funding.

● Minimum of 40 working hours per week, excluding public holidays.

● 12 days annual leave per 12 months, or pro-rata equivalent.

● Breakfast and lunch available at the office on workdays.

● Compliance with the Staff Manual, including security protocols. Compliance with COVID-19 policy that requires all staff to be fully vaccinated and boosted.

During the 3-month probation period:

● The successful candidate will be provided with subsidized accommodation during this period. Those who opt to stay at their own accommodation may be given a small transport allowance in lieu of accommodation subsidy.

● Monthly allowance of THB 11,000.

● Reimbursement of visa expenses to a maximum of THB 12,000 for the entire period.

After satisfactory completion of the 3-month probation, the intern will:

• Receive a monthly living allowance of THB 11,000 and a monthly visa allowance of THB 13,000 on a cash-in-hand basis (THB 24,000 nett per month).

• Be able to claim reimbursement to a maximum THB 500 /month for health expenditures (subject to production of receipts for allowed expenditure – medical, dental, medicines, vitamins, contraception, and therapeutic massage). Unused health allowance can accumulate and be claimed for larger bills incurred. Receive THB 3000 every 6 months as a contribution to health insurance.

• Have their job description upgraded to Editorial and English Support Officer.

Respect for and adherence to the security precautions and policies of the ALTSEAN-Burma Secretariat is essential. The Secretariat team is made up of people from a broad range of backgrounds; therefore cultural sensitivity is a priority. The ALTSEAN-Burma Secretariat is a non-smoking workplace.


Fill in the application form and upload your CV:

Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis until a suitable candidate is found.

Short-listed candidates will be required to submit a written assignment provided by ALTSEAN-Burma prior to the interview. The interview may also include a short written test.