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Grassroots and Participatory Capacity Building

ALTSEAN has evolved, in response to activists from Burma, from a regional advocacy initiative to one that also delivers a range of capacity‐building and strategic initiatives.

​While we are mainly focused on Burma/Myanmar, we also work with activists to defend human rights in ASEAN and beyond.

We have contributed to the establishment and work of key stakeholders in the region, and beyond. In our work, we prioritize the political participation and leadership of women, as well as young people of ethnic, religious and social minorities.

​We are known for speaking truth to power while being solutions‐oriented and fact‐based, our commitment to linking grassroots movements with other stakeholders, and our innovative responses to challenges.

Left: States and Regions of Burma where ALTSEAN has physically delivered workshops (orange). ALTSEAN participants have come from all States and Regions of the country. We are prepared to provide workshops and capacity development sessions anywhere in the country that is accessible to our team.

On-Site Training Programs

WOB - Women of Burma Internship Program

Started in early 1997, the program uses a “fish out of water” strategy to bring diverse women activists out of their comfort zones to Bangkok, to help participants transcend ethnic and religious differences while developing their knowledge, skills and leadership qualities.

This innovative program has produced a significant number of young women leaders who continue to transform their societies through inter-ethnic and feminist activism.

ALU - Alumni Refresher Courses

The refresher courses aim to continue building on the knowledge and skills of the alumnae. Each Refresher Course is designed according to “capacity gaps” personally identified by the participants through the application process.

Women-specific trainings since 1997*

39 WOB Batches for 182 people

19 ethnic groups

52 organizations

8 ALU Refreshers for 65 Participants

* as of April 2020

Off-Site Training Programs

TAV - Advocacy

The trainings cover various aspects of advocacy that are easily replicable and modified to suit different contexts. These dynamic trainings are molded to suit the needs of participants, and/or intended outcomes of organizations: the sessions can range from outlining general advocacy skills, to narrowing down on advocacy techniques suited to specific topics or campaigns.

ELT - Economic Literacy ELTb - Business and Human Rights

The ELTs are designed to enable activists to develop a general understanding of macroeconomics in the context of human rights and development in Burma/Myanmar so that they can use economic arguments to promote human rights, and propose democratic economic policies.

The ELTb trainings focus on empowering communities to use Business and Human Rights frameworks to defend their rights in the context of a fast‐growing economy that lacks rule of law, and human rights and environmental safeguards.

CAP - Capacity Building

CAP trainings cover topics not specifically covered in other ALTSEAN workshops, and are customized to fit the particular interests and contexts of participants or host organizations.

ALTSEAN has delivered 170 TAVs for 2,727 participants, with over 56% being women.

ALTSEAN has delivered 111 ELT/ELTb for 1,474 participants, over 59% of those being women.

ALTSEAN has delivered 62 CAPs for 2,461 individuals, with over 52% being women.

TRJ - Transitional Justice TRJa - Atrocity Prevention

Transitional Justice Training develops the capacity of participants to discuss and propose measures for truth-seeking and memorialisation, accountability, reparation, and institutional reforms to prevent recurrence. The TRJ were first delivered under TAVs in 2012-2014 and became a separate category in 2015.

The TRJa workshops, which focus more strongly on atrocity prevention, were developed in 2017.

WWW - Women Writers Workshops

The WWWs are vibrant workshops for women who would like to develop their creative writing skills and strengthen their ability to use story-telling for advocacy. Many participants contribute to the ALTSEAN Burma – Women’s Voices books, a series of published written stories and experiences penned by women of Burma/Myanmar and beyond.

491 Workshops since 2005*

70 TAV Trainings

111 ELT/ELTb Trainings

62 CAP Trainings

77 TRJ/TRJa Trainings

18 WWW Trainings

Nearly 8,800 Participants worldwide.

Over 59% Women.

* as of May 2022

ALTSEAN has delivered 77 TRJ/TRJa for 1,374 participants, over 63.5% of those being women.

ALTSEAN has delivered 18 WWWs for 297 participants, with 99% being women.

New Women of Burma Interns join ALTSEAN

Today we welcomed a new group of young women hailing from many regions of Burma to our office as part of our Women of Burma programme. Over the next six months we will equip them with all the skills and knowledge necessary to go back to their communities and become leaders in the peace, democracy and women’s rights movement.

Women's Writers Workshop Held in North and South Thailand

ALTSEAN-BURMA hosted two three day women’s writers workshops this week. The first was in Hat Yai, southern Thailand and the second in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. The workshops are designed to provide women with the writing skills necessary in order for them to articulate their experiences of trauma, violence and exclusion.
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