Assigned to ALTSEAN-Burma in Bangkok, Thailand.
Duration one year, starting on 1 Aug 2023.

Deadline for applications: 31 May 2023.

This year-long fellowship has been developed as a joint project of the Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (APR2P) and ALTSEAN-Burma in order to provide opportunities for young practitioners to contribute directly to ongoing work in the field of atrocity prevention.


ALTSEAN-Burma (the Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma), a Bangkok-based human rights group, works with a broad range of people from Southeast Asia and beyond, to promote the cause of human rights and democracy in Burma. We are known for our advocacy activities, our publications, and our training programs. Our work is centered on 3 thematic priorities:

● Atrocity Prevention

● Business and Human Rights

● Women’s Participation and Leadership

The ALTSEAN team is currently comprised of a team of 12 full time staff at our office in Bangkok, as well as a consultant translator/ co-trainer. This role will require working in close collaboration with the Coordinator, Program Officer and Atrocity Prevention Project Officer.


The main tasks of the Atrocity Prevention Fellow will be to work with the Atrocity Prevention Project Officer, the Coordinator, and other colleagues on the following tasks:

● Research and write summaries and sections for Coupwatch reports and thematic trackers.

● Coordinate and implement Semester 4 of the Bridges MM youth atrocity prevention program.

● Assist with ongoing programs such as the Women of Burma internship and human rights defender fellowship.

● Assist with updates of relevant curricula and modules across our training programs including for the Women of Burma program, Introduction to Transitional Justice, Atrocity Prevention and Economics, and Women, Peace & Security, as needed.

● Assist with joint projects of ALTSEAN and the APR2P Centre, including facilitation of Youth Core Group on Atrocity Prevention, regional youth activities, and the SOSHate Site/App.

● Other duties as directed by the Coordinator.


● Duration of 12 months.

● Minimum of 40 working hours per week, excluding public holidays.

● 12 days annual leave per 12 months or pro-rata equivalent.

● Breakfast and lunch available at the office on workdays.

● Compliance with the Staff Manual, including security protocols. Compliance with COVID-19 policy that requires all staff to be fully vaccinated and boosted.

● Basic travel insurance covering one year in Thailand. *

● A travel subsidy of up to THB 45,000 to reimburse return travel to Bangkok to take up the role.*

* Please closely consult and coordinate with ALTSEAN management to obtain prior approval before purchasing, or to coordinate purchase by ALTSEAN. Retain receipts and relevant documentation for submission to ALTSEAN. This includes boarding passes etc.

During the 3-month probation period:

● Provision of accommodation at the office (single furnished room) or alternative. Staff who opt to stay at their own accommodation will have to do so at their own expense.

● Monthly allowance of THB 11,000.

● Reimbursement of visa expenses to a maximum of THB 30,000.*

After satisfactory completion of the 3-month probation, the fellow will:

● Receive a monthly living allowance of THB 11,000 and a monthly visa allowance of THB 13,000 on a cash-in-hand basis (THB 24,000 nett per month).

Note: A review of the monthly living allowance will be made as the fellowship progresses, and may be upgraded after a budget review.

Respect for and adherence to the security precautions and policies of the ALTSEAN-Burma Secretariat is essential. The Secretariat team is made up of people from a broad range of backgrounds; therefore cultural sensitivity is a priority. The ALTSEAN-Burma Secretariat is a non-smoking workplace.


Fill in the application form and upload your CV at Applications submitted in any other format will not be considered.

Interviews of shortlisted candidates are scheduled for 6-8 Jun 2023

Shortlisted candidates will be required to submit a written assignment provided by ALTSEAN-Burma 5 working days before the interview.

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