Signed Letters and Statements

20 June 2023

Investing in Myanmar's military cartel

More than two years after the coup in Myanmar, and amid the military’s repeated grave violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, several major players in France’s finance sector continue to invest in companies that are directly linked with Myanmar’s military.

20 June 2023

There Is No Place for Anti-Trans Agendas in the UN

353 organization and 523 individual co-signed a statement, calling on the current UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls, Reem Alsalem. Her publicly stated positions and actions have fundamentally compromised the mandate to address violence against women. The Special Rapporteur must guarantee the mandate’s independence, accountability to rights-holders

20 June 2023

Letter to new UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Development

70 different organisations and networks from around the world addressed a letter to Professor Surya Deva to congratulate him on his new role as the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to development, and expressing an interest to work with him to leverage public development banks to advance the Right to Development.

16 May 2023

ASEAN Must Stop Enabling Myanmar Junta’s Atrocities

Our response with Progressive Voice and Forum-ASIA to ASEAN’s statement following its 42nd summit. ASEAN continues to aid and abet the illegal junta’s crimes. In the wake of Cyclone Mocha it is critical that ASEAN responds to our calls to action and stop abetting the junta’s crimes.

Position Paper
8 May 2023

Civil Society Position Paper Reviewing and Reframing the ASEAN’s Five-Point Consensus

Civil Society Position Paper Reviewing and Reframing the ASEAN’s Five-Point Consensus – In response to ASEAN’s unwillingness to take action on the crisis in Burma, two years after the introduction of the Five-Point Consensus civil society organizations within Burma and globally make five calls on ASEAN: act to stop the military junta’s atrocities, stop lending legitimacy to the junta and engage with all stakeholders, set up a clear mandate for the role of the Special Envoy, deliver aid through border base organizations, and ensure the special envoy engages with ALL relevant stakeholders.

Press Release
16 November 2022

Joint press release on ASEAN assessment of 5 point consensus

ALTSEAN-Burma, Progressive Voice and Forum-Asia call on ASEAN & UN Security Council to move beyond the ineffective 5-Point Consensus and take stronger & more practical actions against Myanmar/Burma military junta.

Open letter
8 June 2022

Sector Statement on Queering Atrocity Prevention

ALTSEAN-Burma is one of 52 signatories calling on the Atrocity Prevention sector to confront the heteronormative patriarchal power structures that perpetuate atrocity crimes against LGBTQI+ individuals, and to centre LGBTQI+ communities’ unique risks, vulnerabilities and expertise in our work.

18 OCTOBER 2021

KDDI Group and Sumitomo Corporation: Do not facilitate human rights abuses by Burma’s illegitimate regime

46 global civil society organizations and 18 individuals, in an open letter, urged KDDI Group and Sumitomo Corporation to withdraw from the joint operation agreement between their joint venture KDDI Summit Global Myanmar Co., Ltd. (KSGM) and the Burma junta-controlled Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT).

13 OCTOBER 2021

International Finance Institutions: repurpose unspent Myanmar funds to support COVID-19 relief through trusted partners

397 local and allied groups co-signed a letter, calling on International Finance Institutions (IFIs) to repurpose their funds to support effective COVID-19 assistance for border-based ethnic communities and prisoners in Burma.

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